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Principal’s Message


Hello Parents and Students,

Play, Work, Grow…as a Team!

As Principal of the TUSD Alternative Education Campus, home to Stein High School, Duncan Russell Community Day School, Tracy Young Adult Program, Independent Study (9th-12th grades) and Home Hospital, I feel shined upon as we are a unique, energetic, and perfect place for anyone in need of just one more chance. I am excited to be part of this individualized education setting. 

Alt Ed has shown a great level of resilience, courage, perseverance and determination that I have not seen in my 23 plus years in education.  All characteristics of GRIT!  

Being a strong, resilient, positive and flexible environment impacts students’ lives and causes excitement to brew as we move into the 2022-2023 school year.  As the Principal, I look forward to working with families and students in planning and facilitating a pathway where students can fulfill their dreams and goals to obtain a high school diploma.  I am committed to student strength-based focused teaching and dedicated to creating a positive learning environment. 

Welcome to Alt Ed!

Grateful for the opportunity to serve,

Traci L Mitchell, Principal